When you enter the building, expect to be warmly welcomed! Stop and say hi at our welcome center. There you'll receive any information that might be helpful to you, including information about our services and our options for your children. Don't forget to grab a coupon for a free coffee at the Next Door CafĂ©. Also, if you provide us with your contact information, you can get a fun gift. 

What about my children?

We offer a nursery for children ages 0-4. For more information, check in at our Welcome Center. Older children are invited to join us in worship. About 30 minutes in to the service, after the singing, they will be dismissed to their own worship experience. Children's Church takes place in a building located directly behind our sanctuary. If you're new, feel free to go with them to see where they will be.

Does it matter what I wear?

Absolutely not! You'll find people dressed in all different ways here. From suits to shorts, you'll find it all.


No problem! We are committed to the Church of the Nazarene's Wesleyan/Holiness tradition, but we know we are not the only church. We affirm that God moves and works through God's whole body, not just us! The Church is a broad body, of which we are simply one part. Everyone is welcome at Next Door Church!


The Communion meal is one that our Lord and Savior Himself ordained and asked us to re-enact. We come to the table together the second Sunday of each month. We welcome all to the table who believe in Jesus. Those on the journey of faith, including those taking their very first steps, are also welcome and encouraged to participate.