Orchards Registration

Welcome to the Orchards registration page. Here you will find all of the documents that are needed for you to register your child here at the Orchards Childcare and Preschool. Our goal is to keep the registration process as simple as possible. Each registration packet must be accompanied by the $150 registration fee to be considered complete and to hold a place for your child. Current Students are given the first opportunity to enroll for the next school year, and all newly enrolling students will be put on a waiting list until Open Enrollment begins.

Registration for the 2020-2021 school year is open to the public. Call 425.271.3206 or email our director, Claudia Miller for more information. If your child is currently enrolled, register for F.A.C.T.S., our online payment program, by clicking on this link.

Note: Unless tuition for the entire year is paid all at once, all tuition payments must be made using the online F.A.C.T.S program. Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

The Orchards operates on a calendar that mirrors, as much as possible, the local school calendar. This means that September begins a new year here at The Orchards. This includes a new academic year calendar, new students, and a new payment cycle for all those that attend, regardless of age (this includes infants and toddlers) or whether or not they are new to the program. Please make sure that all your child's documents are renewed for the new year by their first day.

Registration for the 2021-2022 school year will be opening to the public at the end of February. Call 425.271.3206 or email our director, Claudia Miller for more information or to set up a COVID safe tour. Space is limited, and so it is important to register soon so you don't miss your opportunity to hold your spot. Please register soon.

Please contact our office if you have any questions at all.

  • Sunscreen application form

    This form is required if we are to apply sunscreen to your child.  The sunscreen must accompany this form and must be renewed every six month.  If your child's sunscreen expires or runs out, you should fill out a new form when you bring in the replacement sunscreen to insure that it contains the correct information.

    For a Print Only version of this form <click here>

  • Certificate of immunization status

    We need this form filled out, a copy of your child's doctor records will NOT work.  If your healthcare provider's office puts vaccination history into the WA Immunization Information System (Washington's Statewide database) ask them to print the CIS from the IIS and your child's information will fill in automatically.  Be sure to review all the information, sign and date the CIS form, and turn it into the office.

    For a Print Only form <click here>

  • Parent/student handbook & signature page

    This form is due by the first day of school.

    For a Print Only version of this form <click here>

  • student information form

    This form provides us with some very important and required information about your student.  Some critical points are: the date of last physician's visit, pick-up authorization, and parent's signature.

    For a Print Only version of this form <click here>

  • Enrollment/re-enrollment application

    This form provides us with the parent’s/guardian’s critical information for billing purposes.  This form must be accompanied by the non-refundable Registration fee of $150 and must be signed by all responsible adults.

    For a Print Only version of this form <click here>

  • Tuition schedule

    This shows the monthly payment fees for the different preschool and childcare services the Orchards provides.  Tuition Rates are reviewed twice a years and are subject to change.

    For a Print Only <click here>

  • Kindergarten alternative

    Are you looking for in-person education for your growing child? We are opening a brand-new kindergarten alternative classroom for children age 4 to 6. Click to fill out the form for more information.